Our company goal is straightforward: to be extremely innovative yet efficient while creating user-friendly products that are simple to use and easy to learn.

We are driven by a principle we call WHAT-HOW-WHEN, and it’s very simple.

WHAT – By working with our clients, partners and leaders of the broadcast/post industry we learn where the future is taking them and the industry and WHAT they will need to remain productive and profitable.

HOW- These needs, requirements and concepts are then placed in the hands of our engineering department, who determine HOW they can most effectively enable said future.

WHEN- The final step takes us back to the front lines, where our marketing and sales teams receive project-specific details from our clients to determine WHEN they need the solution.

WHAT-WHEN-HOW allows us to deliver products with enough innovation to be well ahead of the Dark Ages, but without allowing the excess light to blind us to the point that usability, efficiency, expandability, and serviceability are ignored.

Controlling, automating and standardizing file-based ingest as well as baseband and IP capture. Gloobox products provide multi-resolution and multi-destination support for everything from SD to 4K including the latest codecs, wrappers and file-based formats

Making true multi-format, multi-resolution workflows a reality. Glooport products provide seamless integration into existing workflows by automating and managing remote ingest, parking, retrieving, transforming and outgest of media and metadata across all your platforms

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