Modern media enterprises have multi-vendor solutions throughout their facilities, creating the challenge of how to easily ingest, share, transfer, and transform media and metadata between these platforms. With the wide variety of codecs, file wrappers, and metadata standards, this can be a complex and labor-intensive task. Glooport products were designed to simplify inter-platform connectivity by automating these processes.

Glooport is a family of cluster based, load balanced services offering, local and remote ingest, media parking and retrieval, transcoding and file outgest functions through watch folders, or through tight API integration to Avid Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM and MediaCentral | UX.


media | producer

  • File ingest service with high availability, deployable on-site, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution
  • Ingest over LAN, WAN or completely disconnected in the field
  • High-end production tools including LUT support and frame rate conversion
  • Interplay | Production and MAM check-in with multi-Interplay authentication

Parking/Archiving & Retrieval

media | parker

  • Move and park your hi-res media, clips, sequences, or projects to third party nearline storage
  • Create low resolution proxies on your online storage before parking
  • Partial parking - only park portions of clips relevant to your project

Parking/Archiving & Retrieval

media | retriever

  • Restore full or partial media from your nearline storage including "native" files
  • Automatically retrieve and re-link your hi-res clips, sequences or projects
  • Transcode media as it is being restored with Transcode-on-Demand

Transcode & File Conversion

media | transformer

  • Dedicated transcode service
  • Transcode within Interplay | Production, between Interplay systems, from third party locations to Interplay, or from Interplay to third party locations
  • Automatic, manual or watch folder configurable transcoding

Outgest & Multi Platform Distribution

media | connector

  • Transfer media and metadata to/from third party systems
  • Outgest with Transcode-on-Demand for your multi-platform distribution needs
  • No need to flatten sequences before outgesting

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