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Gloobox Capturer

Ingest feeds from IP, SDI or stream to one or more destinations with growing files available to edit or forward in seconds.


Gloobox Capturer takes your inputs and turns them into whatever you need them to be:

  • In multiple destinations

  • In different formats, wrappers or codecs

  • In different frame rates, scan types and rasters

  • In databases, correctly registered

  • In relinkable and intelligently managed formats

  • With monitoring and playback

All at the same time.


It just works

Get your assets in front of editors faster: output as almost any common file type seconds behind real time

Uncomplicate production reality

Need to feed 3 different systems different formats in different wrappers from one source? No problem.

No questions asked

Workflow-based operation keeps things powerful for administrators and very simple for operators - no matter how advanced your requirements.

Avoid workflow lock-in 

Glookast respects no master but the customer - our unique approach to platform design, combined with our powerful API and format agnosticism mean you are given the freedom to grow, mixing input types as you need and operating them all from the same interface.

Total control

Choose and use the right interface for the job - simple planned ingest with Scheduler and powerful event control with LiveOps. Assign channels across them with total flexibility.


Add power, nodes or specialist capabilities when you need them - add redundancy at whatever level you choose.

See Gloobox Capturer in action
Your system


SD, HD, 3G or 12G SDI

IP: 2022-6, 2022-7, 2110, NDI

MPEG-Dash, RTMP, H.264, H.265

As many 2, 4 or 8 channel Gloobox Capturer servers as you need, outputting up to 3 different growing files to 3 different destinations at the same time, working as one coherent system

Free selection of codec, wrapper, raster, frame rate, and colour space

Managed metadata allowing for cross-platform retreival and relink workflows 


Managed MAM or PAM systems like Avid Media Central PAM or MAM

Unmanaged storage with growing files for Premiere, Edius, BMD Resolve and more

File acceleration with FileCatalyst for long-distance reliable growing file ingest

Archive: Spectra, SGL and more

  • Capture and check into one or more PAMs and MAMs with frame chase editing support

  • Ingest up to 3 resolutions/formats per input channel into multiple systems simultaneously

  • Background transfer functionality

  • SDI monitoring with pre-read 

  • Control and schedule recordings with Scheduler, LiveOps, Capturer Web Client or 3rd party via API

  • Loop Recording

  • Supports industry codecs like AVC Intra, AVC Ultra, XAVC, XDCAM HD, H.264, DVCPRO HD, ProRes, DNxHD and DNxHR

  • Colored locators with labels and comments

  • Up to 16 HD-SDI embedded audio channels per input

  • Controllable via VDCP, FIMS compliant API

  • Automatic timecode break detection and handling

  • LTC input and optional VTR control via RS-422


Download Gloobox Capturer Datasheet

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