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Workflow Services

Glookast's range of distributed workflow systems provide flexible tools that allow you to turn two or more systems into a real production workflow: intelligently manage or automate processes to move, transcode, copy, rewrap, convert, park, retrieve, standardize or distribute media into, out of or between any systems you use - all while keeping every database up to date and intelligently registering media throughout the process.



Make resources in one system available in others - keep track of what went where


Make sure that everyone gets what they need in the right format automatically and seamlessly


Ensure that everything is properly managed with database integration across all systems: don't lose your assets and don't waste resources doing things twice


Use only the services you need - expand your system with more nodes or more functionality as and when you need it 

Avoid workflow lock-in 

Glookast respects no master but the customer - our unique approach to platform design, combined with our powerful API and format agnosticism gives you the freedom to change anything from your NLE to your asset management system whenever you need to. Use Media Services to migrate from one system to another

Dynamic Infrastructure

Deploy on VM, on your own platforms or turnkey hardware. Cloud, Local or Hybrid.


Add power, nodes or specialist capabilities when you need them - add redundancy at whatever level you choose


Four core services provide the backbone of any Media Services installation: in consultation with our customers or partners, Glookast will identify which are needed and implement either on local hardware, VM or in the cloud. 

Media | Parker
Media | Retriever
  • Move and park your hi-res media, clips, sequences, or projects to third party nearline storage

  • Create low resolution proxies on your online storage before parking

  • Partial parking - only park portions of clips relevant to your project

  • Restore full or partial media from your nearline storage including "native" files

  • Automatically retrieve and re-link your hi-res clips, sequences or projects

  • Transcode media as it is being restored with Transcode-on-Demand

Media | Transformer
Media | Connector
  • Dedicated transcode service

  • Transcode within Interplay | Production, between Interplay systems, from third party locations to Interplay, or from Interplay to third party locations

  • Automatic, manual or watch folder configurable transcoding

  • Transfer media and metadata to/from third party systems

  • Outgest with Transcode-on-Demand for your multi-platform distribution needs

  • No need to flatten sequences before outgesting


Archive integration - Ingest your hi-res assets direct to archive while creating proxy and edit resolutions, all going to different destinations. Freely relink between them, anytime you need to by using a combination of Media | Parker and Media | Retreiver

Multi-format output - Make sure that everyone gets what they need in the right format automatically and seamlessly in multiple locations with Media | Connector

Migration - Bring your clips, sequences and metadata with you when you've outgrown your existing infrastructure by using Glookast tools to park, transcode, re-wrap and output your media without breaking the vital metadata links that keep your workflows effective with Media |  Transformer and Media | Connector

Site synchronisation - Make sure everything is available to everyone by sending media in a working resolution to multiple sites simultaneously, even if they all use different systems and different resolutions. Back up your highest quality media in a shared storage and allow anyone on any system to link back to it with Media | Connector and Media | Parker

Quick Resources

Download Media Services Datasheet

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