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Live Ingest control for capturing everything that's going on right now into all the systems and resolutions you need.


Live ingest control application that controls and displays multiple Gloobox Capturer channels via an easy-to-use interface designed for responsiveness in live environments. All from within a web browser, including assignment of backup emergency channels.

Features and Benefits
  • Live recording control application with web browser-based interface.

  • View and Control of up to 32 channels per user.

  • Run on bare metal servers or in a virtualized environment

  • Emergency backup channel feature.

  • Multi-user support.

  • Client-server architecture.

  • Designed to support failover redundancy.

  • Centrally manages Gloobox Capturer output systems and templates.

  • Support for house timecode reference via LTC timecode input.

  • Tracks channel availability and status for all controlled channels.

  • Locks channels while live recordings are taking place.

  • Combines channels into resource groups.

  • Avid Media Central Cloud UX plugin available

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