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Simple and robust planning and channel allocation for Gloobox Capturer systems


Easily manage scheduled feed ingest across an unlimited number of channels with a fully web-based interface.
Resilient, simple to use and with rapid crash record functionality for emergencies Glookast Scheduler provides the control you need with daily, weekly or monthly views for one-off or recurring recordings from any source supported by Gloobox Capturer.

Features and Benefits
  • Web-based centralized ingest scheduling application.

  • Fully virtualizable

  • Client-server architecture.

  • Multi-user support.

  • Designed to support failover redundancy.

  • Centrally manages output systems and templates.

  • Support for house timecode reference via LTC timecode input.

  • Tracks channel availability and status for all controlled channels.

  • Locks channels while scheduled recordings are taking place.

  • Combines channels into resource groups.

  • Crash recording control available.

  • Avid MediaCentral Cloud UX plugin available

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