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Media | Producer

Remote, multi-user, multi-destination transcode and ingest platform  that's simple to use, virtualizable and grows with the requirements of your workflows - in SD, HD, 4K, UHD, HFR and HDR


Media Producer takes in files as they come, converts them into whatever you need them to be, and places them wherever you need them.

  • Multiple destination systems at once

  • Transcode, rewrap, convert

  • Manage metadata fully and intelligently

  • Relink media across different systems

  • Build the workflow you want


It just works

Get your assets in front of editors faster: all common file types are supported covering everything from pro video cameras to drones, mobile devices and more.

Uncomplicate production reality

Need a resource in 3 places at once in 3 different formats without breaking metadata links between them? No problem.

No questions asked

Workflow based operation keeps things powerful for administrators and very simple for operators no matter how advanced your requirements.

Avoid workflow lock-in 

Glookast respects no master but the customer - our unique approach to platform design, combined with our powerful API and format agnosticism, gives you the freedom to change anything from your NLE to your asset management system whenever you need to. We can even help you migrate.

Dynamic infrastructure

Deploy on VM, on your own platforms or turnkey hardware. Cloud, Local or Hybrid.


Add power, nodes or specialist capabilities when you need them - add redundancy at whatever level you choose.


See Media | Producer in action


  • A true multi-user system with individual profiles and session settings.

  • Automatic file source and type detection – user is not required to have any technical knowledge of file types or formats.

  • Easy and flexible clip grouping with marker support to identify source clip boundaries.

  • Metadata profiles to enforce required metadata input.

  • Flexible metadata handling, creation, and editing.

  • Full metadata support for standard file structures.

  • True multi-destination ingest with virtually unlimited ingest destination targets.

  • LUT support for HDR workflows.

  • 3 panel GUI design with two modes of operation:

    • Right-click mode: gives the user full control over every aspect of the ingest job settings and properties.

    • Ingest mode: streamlined ingest function for high-demand ingest operations.

  • Flexible "auto-sync to group" video/audio tracks based on timecode with the ability to generate subclips, multi-groups, and sequences.

  • Support for almost all file-based formats in the market, from mobile media (iPhone, Android, DSLRs, GoPro) to HD and 4K formats - including XAVC class 480 and DNxHR.

  • Support for the latest Master file-based formats:

    • RED, XAVC-I, XAVC Long, XOCN, SStP, AVC-LongG



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