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XDCAM air field production

Make wireless multi-resolution file-based workflows simple and be on-air faster for less.

By utilising Sony’s high-quality in-camera proxy files and XDCAM air’s always-on camera connectivity customers can now be constantly receiving high-quality proxy video at up to full-HD from cameras anywhere on earth directly into their production environment with all metadata and a choice of ways to relink whenever and however the high-bitrate footage becomes available without using extra interfaces.

How it works

• Camera is set up to auto-upload proxies to XDCAM air

• XDCAM air mirrors clips to AWS S3 bucket

• Glookast media|producer identifies the new clip, transcodes (if desired) and registers in the Avid environment

• High-bitrate footage recorded onto SxS is either uploaded later or brought to an ingest terminal


Watch Øystein Næss and Tom Crocker from Glookast demonstrate the whole workflow, from uploading clips over a mobile connection from a farm in the UK to be edited minutes later in Norway (using a system in Portugal) right through to high-res conform. 

Be on air faster

• Get the coverage you need: see what’s shot before the operator leaves the field
• Have more editing flexibility: start as soon as the media exists
• Use the hardware built-in to the cameras, no extra batteries
• File-based reliability: the whole file at consistent quality every time

• Even if mobile coverage is unreliable you always get the whole file

• Full metadata on every file means traceability and workflow resilience
• Relink easily to high-bitrate masters
• Minimal impact on camera operator
• Work in the tools people are already using: system can run entirely unsupervised and adds no
interfaces for any operators to learn

• Get ahead by embracing camera-based IoT workflows now


Full Technical White Paper - read about the full workflow from Sony camcorder to Avid Media Central production environment including file transfer, ingest and conform


One-pager - Download a summary of the contents of this page for printing or distribution

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