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Loop Recorder

Game-changing loop recording, selection and transfer to make sure you never, ever miss a shot.


Make sure you never miss a shot with Loop Record for Glookast LiveOps and Capturer Web Client - define your loop duration, set your feed and be sure to capture everything.
Avoid needing people
Avoid over-recording and the process of deletion

Features and Benefits
  • Loop record at the same time as you capture your stream: everything available all the time

  • Variable cache size - make your loop as long as you need

  • In/Out selection: pick the part you need and push it where you need it

  • Output selections in any format or wrapper you need

  • Output to multiple destinations simultaneously

  • Output in different formats simultaneously

  • Remote control via CWC or LiveOps means operators can be anywhere

  • Loop record multiple channels at the same time

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