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Globo DR, Brazil

The Background

Studios Globo is Rede Globo’s production center based in the western part of Rio de Janeiro Brazil between the neighborhoods Jacarepaguá and Curica.  Among many other things, the facility houses their Post Production Center (CPP), which is responsible for the post-production of their soap operas as well as reality and variety shows. 

Solution components


The Customer Challenge

Customer Challenge

Globo had the need to implement business continuity and disaster recovery workflow for multiple Avid based post production systems. They desired an automatic backup of Interplay assets from their CPP site to a remote location and for those assets to be automatically moved into a new Interplay at the remote site. The solution they desired had to meet multiple requirements.

  • Protect assets from multiple Avid Interplay/ISIS to 1 Avid Interplay ISIS

  • All media assets from their multiple avid environments had to be automatically copied to a single avid environment at a remote disaster recovery site.

  • Automatically move content to the Nearline solution from Avid Interplay

  • Automatically move content from the primary site to the DR site

  • Restore only proxies at the remote site

  • Automatically restore all proxies at the remote site and check into Interplay

  • It had to be capable of ensuring that each and every project change, asset movement, clip editing, or asset deletion, would be automatically reflected at the disaster recovery site.

  • The challenge was finding a company to implement such a solution for them since there was no off the shelf solution that met their requirements.

The Solution and Workflow

After evaluating existing market options that might be customizable to meet their special requirements Globo partnered with Glookast and their technology partner Object Matrix via a local system integrator, CIS Group.

Glookast glooport family of media services combined with Object Matrix’s nearline storage solution, MatrixStore, was chosen by Globo. They met most of the requirements and had tight integration into Avid’s Interplay | Production system however some additional features needed to be added to fully meet Globo’s requirements.

The additional capabilities that needed to be added to the solution included:

  • Automatically Replicate deletes, moves, and renaming of assets.

After the new capabilities were added Globo, CIS, Glookast and Object Matrix worked together to fine tune the new capabilities and insure all requirements were fully met.

Once the new features were extensively tested Globo proceeded to deploy the DR system. The system has been operational since early 2016.

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