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Heat TV

The Background

With the ongoing success of the Miami HEAT, there was an increase in demand for a wider variety of content generated by the world-renowned NBA franchise. The raw footage, created by HEATV, the team’s Media Production department, needed to be ingested and secured in a timely fashion to ensure a fast turnaround and distribution of the finished content.

Solution components


The Customer Challenge

Some of the challenges HEATV faced in their Avid Interplay | Production based workflows included:

  • How to protect content at the point of ingest using an affordable, scalable nearline storage platform.

  • How to manage various formats and wrappers during the ingest process

  • How to create links between full resolution and low-resolution content from within the Avid based production environment

  • How to get instant access to their digital archive.

  • How to ensure any new platform would be suitable for future Avid or non-Avid workflows.

  • The challenge was finding a company to custom build such a tool for them since there was no off the shelf solution that met their special requirements.

The Solution and Workflow

After considering many different options including additional on-line storage, a strategic decision was made to implement a tiered-storage solution thus ensuring the content resides on the most appropriate tier of storage at any given stage of the production workflow. Object Matrix and GLOOKAST were the vendors chosen to implement that strategic vision. They were selected as they have the proven capabilities and products to overcome those workflow challenges. The combined solution provides efficiencies through automation of the ingest process thereby ensuring the best use of the storage infrastructure.

The automated and trusted workflow consists of:

  • Parking of high resolution material to MatrixStore and while sending low resolution proxies to the online storage (such as Avid ISIS) thus reducing online storage costs.

  • Enable content to be checked-in to Avid Interplay | Production while automatically re-linking the low resolution and high-resolution clips during conform.

This automated process also enabled HEATV Producers and editors to spend less time on laborious and often error prone tasks.

The workflow at the Miami HEAT uses GLOOKAST Ingester, GLOOKAST media|retriever and 24TB MatrixStore nodes providing 60TB of useable nearline storage. This infrastructure is easily and rapidly scalable by adding more ingest servers or MatrixStore nodes.

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