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Code of Behavior

About Us

Driven by an increasing customer need to simplify workflows in an increasingly complicated and fragmented broadcast landscape, Glookast was founded and quickly established a strong customer base amongst clients all over the world by solving clear problems with reliable solutions.

Glookast is glue for production workflows.

We develop tools that solve the most challenging issues of today's media production. We remove the complexity of ingesting, parking, retrieving, transforming, and outgesting content through seamless integration across multiple platforms. We empower customers with the freedom to choose the tools they like from the vendors they prefer.

Our core competency is the development of products for seamless workflows - both real-time and file-based.

Since no two workflows are the same, our ethos is to remain agnostic, flexible and open to allow our solutions to grow and develop with our customers' requirements.

Glookast remains a development and services focused organization, with over 45% of the Glookast team dedicated to making sure our tools are not only cutting-edge but totally reliable and have one of the lowest costs of ownership in the media industry, with our services team ensuring our clients have the fastest and most effective technical support in the market.

Our Mission

GLOOKAST’s mission is to simplify the processes of capturing, ingesting,  transforming, managing, and distributing digital media and metadata, by orchestrating  seamless collaborative workflows across diverse platforms, on prem and/or in the cloud, to empower content producers and story tellers with the freedom to choose the tools they want, from the vendors they select, in order to get the user experience they desire

Our Heritage

Our management team has more than 120 years of combined experience in the broadcast and digital media industry.

In 2009 Glookast initiated a journey to reimagine and optimize media production workflows. From the traditional feed and file ingest processes we evolved and specialized in removing the complexity of sophisticated production and distribution workflows. Not very often our industry has witnessed a young company being able to influence so much the work environment of its customers. We are proud of having enabled a true optimization of the production workflows in very large media conglomerates in the Americas, in Europe and Asia. The rapid path to become a known brand was possible through the tireless devotion of our teams to transform and way our clients produce, manage, share and distribute their content.

Our Code

Glookast Code of Behavior is currently under revision. The revised version will be published soon 

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