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  • Matt Silva

NAB 2024 - Glookast launches Gloobox Stream, announces mobile ingest functionality, and new integrations

Davie, FL – April 26, 2024 – At NAB 2024, Glookast, a leading provider of innovative media production workflow solutions with a portfolio of real-time and file-based products showcased a few exciting highlights ranging from newly released integrations and features to a new product launch – Gloobox Stream, which enables users to have enterprise-grade ingest functionality for both cloud and on-premises environments without the need for investing in extensive SDI or IP infrastructures.

“This NAB was very rewarding for us in the sense that we received the market’s affirmation that the new things we’ve been working on will deliver value to our customers,” said Matt Silva, CEO at Glookast. “Namely, the launch of Gloobox Stream and our mobile live ingest functionality will enable our customers to ingest from anywhere and scale their ingest capabilities in-line with their production demands.”

Gloobox Stream: enterprise-grade ingest functionality for compressed streams

Supporting standard protocols such as SRT, NDI, RTMP, etc., Gloobox Stream sets a new standard for stream ingest capabilities, empowering media professionals to seamlessly bring streams into their production environment in an intelligent and efficient manner, from anywhere, without having to invest in complex and expensive infrastructures. Gloobox Stream will benefit from the extensive functionality that Gloobox Capturer provides, including multi-res / multi-destination workflows, multi-platform integrations, loop recording, and extensive format support.

Live Ingest from Mobile Devices to Cloud or On-Premises

In addition to Glookast Stream, Glookast has unveiled a new feature that allows for live ingest directly from cell phones to the cloud or on-premises environments. This capability is aimed at decreasing time-to-air, particularly for fast-turnaround environments, by enabling media professionals to capture and ingest content in real-time from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, this feature gives Glookast users a secure and effective way of bringing audience-generated content into their production environment.


Integration with Moments Lab

On the integration front, Glookast has announced a strategic partnership with Moments Lab and CIS Group to provide a comprehensive tape-based archive digitization and indexing service leveraging Moments Lab’s multimodal AI model for purposes of metadata enrichment. While the primary intent of the partnership is to provide a solution to media organizations with the need of digitizing their tapes, the integration between Glookast and Moments Lab stems to other use cases as well, also providing value to those utilizing Moments Lab’s platform in a more collaborative, content creation context.

About Glookast

Glookast’s mission is to simplify some of the most challenging and nuanced aspects of content production by making media assets available when they are needed, where they are needed, and to the users who need them. We achieve this by leveraging our portfolio of real-time and file-based products that are aimed at ingest and workflow optimization use cases, while remaining flexible and open to continuously enhancing our solutions alongside customers, based on their requirements. Glookast fundamentally believes that in today’s world it is more important than ever to be intentional and strategic about how media assets are created and managed within a production environment, as well as an archive environment. At Glookast, we’ve worked with broadcasters, news networks, sports teams / leagues, enterprise media organizations, production companies, houses of worship, educational institutions, and video teams within all kinds of industry verticals to help implement our tools in a way that enables their media teams to do just that: ensure that their assets are created in an efficient, interoperable, secure, and monetizable fashion, all while allowing users to have the freedom of choice in relation to which production and post-production environments they adopt. For more information visit us at



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