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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hi! Welcome to the new and this, the blog accompanying it.

Hopefully you'll find the new page to be a useful tool to help you get access to the information you need about Glookast's production tools. . I'm Tom, head of business development in EMEA for Glookast and I'm just one of the contributors who will be regularly writing here.

In order to set the tone for my on-going posts (other contributors will have different tones I'm sure) I'm going to cite the superior and ever-relevant humour of XKCD. A small comic that shines with relevance every single day I work in this industry.

The nice thing about this comic is how it ties into what we at Glookast spends our time doing. The standards race won't ever really end because while there may be a best way of doing one thing people are constantly coming up with new things to do that carry their own priorities and restrictions. One of Glookast's key goals is to give our customers the ability to jump from one standard to another so that what you put into a system is in the right shape for what you want to do with it. Longer, more intricate posts will be written in future and I can only say I'm thrilled to have an outlet for not only my thoughts but the industry-specific jokes that my "normal" friends find so tiresome.

Thanks for reading and if you have comments or feedback on either the blog or the webpage as a whole either comment here or drop us a line using the Contact Us link below.

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